Websites with Zoopra only cost $300!!

This includes the 3 components needed to have a website- a website design, a domain name for the website, and a place to host the website.

1- A simple, customizable website from Zoopra.

2- A domain name is your own personal address on the Internet and you can make it whatever you like (if it hasn’t already been taken)!! Domain names also have different extentions, with the most common being .com,.net, and

3- Finally and most importantly a website needs a place to live and this is done via web hosting.  Web hosts have secure, temperature controlled  data centres that host your website on servers with high speed internet access.

We are able to provide all of these through StudioCoast who have been hosting for 8 years and have a 99.9% uptime guarantee!

After the first year, the only ongoing costs are hosting ($96 per year) and domain registration ($15-$20) per year.

Already have a domain and hosting?! No Problem!

If you already have a domain name and hosting,  Zoopra can design a site for you for only $200!

Convert your site to a content management system!

Here at Zoopra, we can convert your current static website into a manageable website with a content management system (CMS).  Your site will be reworked and supported with a WordPress backend so that you can edit all the content on your website! This means you don’t have to rely on that “Tech Person” to update a ph. number on your website or add that embarrasing photo from the Christmas party that everyone is dying to see.  Prices vary depending on how much re-design and content there is on your current site.

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